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Thread: Paul Doolin interview

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    Paul Doolin interview

    New UCD manager Paul Doolin admits he was surprised by previous incumbent Martin Moranís decision to step down, but is nonetheless relishing the challenge.

    Work commitments forced Moran to resign from his post and he oversaw his final match as manager last Thursday when the students held St. Patrickís Athletic to a 0-0 draw.

    "When I signed as a player during the summer," explains Doolin, who has a contract for two years, "I knew Martin was thinking about leaving, but I thought it would be further down the road. Nevertheless, Iím ready and looking forward to it. I took a lot of the training session when Martin was absent, so in some ways itís not going to be a huge change."

    Doolinís first match in charge will come next Sunday, when UCD visit Monaghan United in a match many are already billing as a relegation battle.

    "Thatís a bit unfair to be honest," opines Doolin. "With only three games gone, I donít know how anyone can say exactly how the seasonís going to go. I mean, who would have thought Cork would be without a win so far? Iíve seen a lot of matches already this season and Iíve seen some teams play in such a way that if ourselves or Galway or Monaghan played like that, theyíd say weíre going straight down. I wouldnít be surprised to see one or two of the big clubs dragged into the relegation zone."

    The former Shels, Bohs, and Dundalk player admits, though, that UCDís primary objective for the season is survival, particularly since next season will see the Premier League cut from twelve to ten clubs, meaning three teams will be relegated this term and a fourth have to go through a play-off to stay in the top flight.

    "From that point of view, itís an unlucky time to take the job, and also unlucky on Monaghan whoíve only just been promoted. Iím not blind to the fact that mine is a tough job - letís be honest, weíre not going to win the league. So our top aim is undoubtedly to stay up, and maybe have a good cup run too," says the man who holds a record number of FAI Cup winners medals.

    The size of the task facing Doolin was rammed home two weeks ago, when UCD were mauled 6-0 by Bohemians.

    "Okay, it was Dalymount, home of the League Champions, but I have to admit I wasnít expecting that. We were bad that day, but Iíve lost to Bohs before with better team than UCD so Iím not getting too downcast. Besides, we havenít made a terrible start - one win, two draws, and a defeat is reasonable enough, certainly not the worst."

    Doolinís experience could prove of great value to UCDís young players, but the peculiarity of the club and of this seasonís championship poses particular difficulties for the manager. "Itís hard to get into a routine", he explains. "Playing on a Thursday evening one week, then on a Sunday afternoon, then a Friday night the next week, requires a lot of thinking ahead, more so then with clubs where everyone is full-time and coming in for training all the time anyway."

    So given the clubís modest resources, how does Doolin intend to raise fortunes on the field?

    "Iíll be trying to pass on a bit of what Iíve picked up over the years as a player. One of the things Iíll also be trying to do maybe is working on the mentality a bit. Some of the lads tended to see football as a bit of a social thing, but, though theyíre not full time, theyíre getting paid so they have to act like theyíre full-time professionals and, in fairness to them, theyíve been very responsive in training".

    "The fact that we canít buy many players is another factor to our disadvantage. But weíve brought in Richie Purdy and Greg OíDowd, whoíve both done well so far, and maybe we could bring in one more player - but we have to be careful to make sure itís the right player and in the right position."

    For UCD this season, the right position means 7th in the table.


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    Re: Paul Doolin interview

    But weíve brought in Richie Purdy and Greg OíDowd, whoíve both done well so far.
    What games has he been watching? Greg OíDowd has been terrible in all 4 games so far. Purdy has done well though (apart from all those yellows).

    For UCD this season, the right position means 7th in the table.
    I'd still be happy with 8th!
    We're not arrogant, we're just better.

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