Keely signed the Kildare keeper this morning, Wayne Russell. I gather he's sending someone to the game tomorrow, but its unlikely that any of our lads are gonna go up there, unless its on a very attractive full time contract. The only one of our lot I could see going up there full time is Stevo, but I can't even see him doing that.
Cork are also going on a spending spree, with a centre-half top of their priorities. Its been 'rumoured' that if they fail to sign Derek Coughlan on a free, then they're gonna go after Finny.
St Pats are still interested in Stevo, so either we get these few saleable commodoties on long term deals now, or lose them for peanuts in the close season.
Of course, our superb, efficient committee will probably snub any offers that might be beneficial for the club simply because Noel O'Connor is at Cork, or they don't like the sound of St Pats or maybe because they're a bunch of cretins with absolutely no business sense.
If anyone has forgotten, we still are in the s.h.i.t. with absolutely no future prospects, so maybe we should start looking at the bigger picture. I'd hate to be promoted and then be told by some gowl in a suit that we're not allowed up because we have no structure.If that means selling some star assets, getting good money in the bank, developing some more players locally, getting our own ground and identity, then I'd settle for that instead of promotion.