From the SFFC website:

Eircom League of Ireland First Division club Sporting Fingal are delighted to announce the appointment of John Gahan as General Manager.

John brings with him a strong background in business and sport. He was formerly Sales manager with Aer Lingus and served as Chairman of Skerries Town Football Club.

Furthermore, John has an appreciation of the dynamics within the Fingal county and the importance of sport in the community.He has responsibility for personnel, financial, administration and commercial management of the club.

John O’Brien, secretary of Sporting Fingal FC, welcomed the appointment.

He said: “We are delighted to have John Gahan on board as General Manager. His expertise will be critical for us in the achievement of our key objective of developing a stable community-based club that the people of Fingal can rightfully call their own.”

John Gahan, who takes up the position with immediate effect, expressed his excitement with the new role: “I am honoured to be involved with a strong, vibrant club in the form of Sporting Fingal.

“The position is a challenging one and I hope to assist the club to the best of my ability in accomplishing the mission set out by the club upon its establishment last year.”

He added: “Although we are a new club, I consider Sporting Fingal as a different club. Our ethos is based on community development and I look forward to engaging with the many grassroots clubs in the Fingal area.”