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Thread: Arsenal tickets?

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    Arsenal tickets?

    A friend of mine is coming home from Boston in April. He wants to organise a trip to London to see the Arsenal V Reading game in The Emirates on April 19th. I have never been to an English Premier League game either.

    Can anyone point us in the right direction to get tickets? We are willing to pay over the odds to get tickets. Any relaible websites?
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    a friend of mine was only there a few weeks ago and the only way tickets they could get were from a tout in a pub near the stadium who charged them 100 sterling each,
    he said you wouldnt have a hope of getting one for face value or through ticket office,
    another way is if you know anyone who might know steven hunt, kevin doyle or any of the other irish players who play for reading,
    hunt got me 2 tickets before for manchester united match from his good friend john o shea.

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    if ye know anyone with a silver membership card you can get tickets, you might be able get them from someone who has red membership but unlikely.
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