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Thread: Oriel Park

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    May 2004
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    Oriel Park

    Was up in El Paso today and had a look in at the ground.
    Of all the EL grounds I've been to, Oriel seems to have to greatest potential for development, so a few questions;

    1. Who owns the surrounding land?
    2. Are there any plans for development?
    3. What are Dundalk's finances like at the moment?

    I'd imagine that there is huge potential for a strong Dundalk FC. It's a shame to see them languishing in the First Division. What is support like at the moment, and what sort of ambitions does the club have for the coming season?

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    1. Casey Family - On 100 year lease
    2. Yes - look at the links below
    3. AFAIK they are good.

    The land behind Oriel Park, Hiney Park (which Dundalk FC once owned) is now owned by Dundalks CEO Gerry Matthews, Grammar Field is owned by Dundalk Grammar School, the land behind that is owned by Dundalk Town Council and the land behind the town end goals is owned by Esso petrol pump station which is up for sale at the mo.
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