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Thread: under 21 game

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    under 21 game

    ya hear this? just saw it on a team of gary breens

    UEFA, from their base in Nyon, Switzerland, have confirmed that Ireland's 2-1 win last Friday against Albania has been reversed into a 3-0 defeat.

    The UEFA Control and Disciplinary Body ruled that Ireland, which won the game in Dublin on June 6, shouldn't have fielded team captain and Celtic youngster Liam Miller, who was suspended because of repeated cautions.

    The Football Association of Ireland can lodge an appeal by midnight on Monday. If the amended result stands, Albania moves into third place in the group with seven points in six games while Ireland drops to the bottom of the table, tied with Georgia at two points.

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    absolutely class, they're a bloody shambles, the FAI.

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    Do you have to be a clown to get a job with the FAI?
    Any condescension detected in this post is fully unintentional and is solely the perception of the reader. If I think you're an idiot, I'll tell you that. You won't need to intuit it.

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