Date: May 27, 2003
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2003/04 Club competition draw and match calendar
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The road to Gelsenkirchen, Germany for the 2003/04 UEFA Champions
League final on 26 May 2004 begins in earnest on 20 June 2003 when the
first and second qualifying round draws take place at the Noga Hilton
Hotel in Geneva.

Similar schedule
Geneva's Hilton Hotel will also play host to the UEFA Cup qualifying
round draw on the same day, the first event leading ultimately to the
UEFA Cup final to be staged in Gothenburg, Sweden on 19 May 2004.

Separate ceremonies
The forthcoming season will also bring several separate draw
ceremonies for certain stages of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA
Cup. Indeed, the regular procedure of UEFA Champions League and UEFA
Cup matches taking place on the same week will not necessarily be the
case next season as the UEFA Champions League format has been revamped
for 2003/04, with a 32-team group stage followed by a 16-team knock-
out phase.

Full list
The full list of club competition draws and match dates is as follows:

2003/04 UEFA club competitions draw schedule
Time Location Draw details
---------- ------------------- ----------------------------------
20.06.2003 Noga Hilton Hotel, UEFA Champions League, First and
12:00CET Geneva second qualifying round draws

20.06.2003 Noga Hilton Hotel, UEFA Cup, Qualifying round draw
14:00CET Geneva

25.07.2003 UEFA Headquarters, UEFA Champions League,
12:00CET Nyon Third qualifying round draw

28.08.2003 Grimaldi Forum, UEFA Champions League,
16:00CET Monaco Group stage draw

29.08.2003 Grimaldi Forum, UEFA Cup, First round draw
13:00CET Monaco

17.10.2003 UEFA Headquarters, UEFA Cup, Second round draw
12:00CET Nyon

12.12.2003 UEFA Headquarters, UEFA Champions League,
12:00CET Nyon First knockout round draw

12.12.2003 UEFA Headquarters UEFA Cup, Third round draw
13:00CET Nyon

04.03.2004 UEFA Headquarters, UEFA Cup, Fourth round, quarter-
14:00CET Nyon finals, semi-finals and final draw

12.03.2004 UEFA Headquarters, UEFA Champions League, Quarter-
12:00CET Nyon finals and semi-finals draw

2003/04 UEFA Champions League match calendar
Stage Dates
--------------------------------- -------------------
First qualifying round, 1st leg 16.07.2003
First qualifying round, 2nd leg 23.07.2003
Second qualifying round, 1st leg 30.07.2003
Second qualifying round, 2nd leg 06.08.2003
Third qualifying round, 1st leg 12 & 13.08.2003
Third qualifying round, 2nd leg 26 & 27.08.2003
Group stage, matchday 1 16 & 17.09.2003
Group stage, matchday 2 30.09 & 01.10.2003
Group stage, matchday 3 21 & 22.10.2003
Group stage, matchday 4 04 & 05.11.2003
Group stage, matchday 5 25 & 26.11.2003
Group stage, matchday 6 09 & 10.12.2003
First knockout round, 1st leg 24 & 25.02.2004
First knockout round, 2nd leg 09 & 10.03.2004
Quarter-finals, 1st leg 23 & 24.03.2004
Quarter-finals, 2nd leg 06 & 07.04.2004
Semi-finals, 1st leg 20 & 21.04.2004
Semi-finals, 2nd leg 04 & 05.05.2004
Final (Gelsenkirchen, Germany) 26.05.2004

2003/04 UEFA Cup match calendar
Stage Dates
--------------------------------- -------------------
Qualifying round, 1st leg 14.08.2003
Qualifying round, 2nd leg 28.08.2003
First round, 1st leg 24.09.2003
First round, 2nd leg 15.10.2003
Second round, 1st leg 06.11.2003
Second round, 2nd leg 27.11.2003
Third round, 1st leg 26.02.2004
Third round, 2nd leg 03.03.2004
Fourth round, 1st leg 11.03.2004
Fourth round, 2nd leg 25.03.2004
Quarter-finals, 1st leg 08.04.2004
Quarter-finals, 2nd leg 14.04.2004
Semi-finals, 1st leg 22.04.2004
Semi-finals, 2nd leg 06.05.2004
Final (Gothenburg, Sweden) 19.05.2004