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Thread: Close Season Transfers 07-08

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    Close Season Transfers 07-08

    Premier Division


    Ken Oman (Derry City)
    Killian Brennan (Derry City)
    Jason Byrne (Cardiff City)
    Glenn Cronin (Chester City)
    Brian McCarthy (Athlone Town)

    Stephen Rice (Shamrock Rvs)
    Fergal Harkin (Retired)
    Dean Richardson (Released)
    Ryan McCann (Queen of the South)
    Alan Blayney (Released)
    Chris Kingsberry (Lisburn Distillery)
    Mark O'Brien (Shelbourne)
    Dessie Byrne (St Patricks Ath)
    Dean Pooley (Released)
    Davitt Walsh (Ballymena Utd)
    Alan Lynch (Longford Town)

    Bray Wanderers

    Derek Pender (Shamrock Rvs)
    Kevin Doherty (Longford Town)
    Gavin Whelan (Drogheda Utd)
    Andy Myler (Shamrock Rovers)
    Derek Foran (St Patrick's Ath)*
    Ger Rowe (Shamrock Rovers)
    Gavin McInerney (St Patrick's Ath)

    Stephen Fox (Retired)
    Stephen Gough (Released)
    Steve Williams (Released)
    Ross Zambra (Released)
    Jay O'Shea (Galway Utd)
    Paul Caffrey (Sporting Fingal)
    Chris Deans (Sporting Fingal)
    Derek Tyrrell (Sporting Fingal)
    Keith Kelch (Longford Town)
    Clive Delaney (Derry City)
    John Broderick (Kildare County)*

    Cobh Ramblers

    Alan Kearney (Waterford Utd)
    Shane Guthrie (Cork City)
    Anthony Fennelly (Aterford Utd)
    Ray Lally (Cork City)
    Jamie Wunch (Vermont Voltage)

    Willie Bruton (Limerick 37)

    Cork City

    Tim Kiely (Kilkenny City)
    Dave Mooney (Longford Town)
    Dave Mulcahy (Waterford Utd)
    George O'Callaghan (Ipswich)
    Pat Sullivan (Longford Town)
    Danny Murphy (Motherwell)
    Alan O'Connor (Rockmount)
    John Tierney (Limerick 37)

    Leon McSweeney (Stockport County)
    Brian O'Callaghan (Halifax Town)
    Shane Guthrie (Cobh Ramblers)
    Cathal Lordan (Released)
    Ray Lally (Cobh Ramblers)

    Derry City

    Stephen Grey (Drogheda Utd)
    Conor Sammon (UCD)
    Aaron Callaghan (Ballymena Utd)
    Darren Quigley (UCD)
    Gerard Doherty (TNS)
    Niall McGinn (Dungannon Swifts)
    Owen Morrison (Dunfermline)
    Clive Delaney (Bray Wanderers)

    Neil McCafferty (Grays Athletic)
    Killian Brennan (Bohemians)
    Ken Oman (Bohemians)
    Alan Moore (Sligo Rovers)
    Dave McEwan (Out of Contract)
    Gary Beckett (Finn Harps)
    Peter Hynes (Sporting Fingal)
    Pat Jennings (Sligo Rovers)*
    Ola Tidman (Kongsvinger)*

    Drogheda Utd

    Adam Hughes (Sligo Rovers)
    Shaun Maher (Bournemouth)
    Sean Prunty (Longford Town)
    Joe Kendrick (Darlington)
    Jamie Ewings (Albion Rovers)
    Ibrahima Thiam Iyane (Namur)

    Damian Lynch (St Patrick's Ath)
    Stephen Grey (Derry City)
    Stephen Bradley (Falkirk)
    Gavin Whelan (Bray Wanderers)
    James Keddy (Shelbourne)
    Mark Leech (Galway Utd)
    Charlie Treacy (Kildare County)
    Simon Webb (Retired)
    Shaun Williams (Finn Harps)*

    Finn Harps

    Gary Beckett (Derry City)
    Stuart Malcolm (Shelbourne)
    Marc Mukendi (Free)
    Gerry Gill (Moville)
    Shaun Williams (Drogheda Utd)*
    Aaron Labonte (Dunfermline)

    Declan Divin (Institute)
    Seamus Brown (Crusaders)
    John O'Loughlin (Institute)
    Paddy McLaughlin (Coleraine)
    Eloka Asokuh (Released)
    Neil Lloyd (Released)

    Galway Utd

    Alvin Rouse (Monaghan Utd)
    Mark Leech (Drogheda Utd)
    Marc McCullough (Shelbourne)
    Jay O'Shea (Bray Wanderers)
    Gary Deegan (Longford Town)
    Ollie Fenn (Ipswich)

    Alan Murphy (Shamrock Rovers)
    Shaun Fagan (Released)
    David Cooke (Released)
    Barry Moran (Released)
    Phillip Reilly (Athlone Town)
    Liam McKenna (Released)
    Iarflaith Davoren (Longford Town)
    Greg O'Halloran (Shelbourne)*
    Brian Cleary (Limerick 37)*
    Shane Tracy (Limerick 37)*

    St Patrick's Ath

    Damian Lynch (Drogheda Utd)
    Dessie Byrne (Bohemians)
    Bobby Ryan (Dunfermline)
    Joe O'Ceaurill (Barnet)
    Jamie Harris (Dunfermline)
    Gary Dempsey (Yeovil)
    David Partridge (Brentford)

    Darragh Maguire (Shamrock Rovers)
    Sean O'Connor (Shamrock Rovers)
    Michael Foley (Waterford Utd)
    Michael Macek (End of Loan)
    Keith Barker (Northwich Victoria)
    Anto Murphy (Sligo Rovers)
    Luke Fitzpatrick (Waterford Utd)
    Colm Foley (Retired)
    Barry Slattery (Kildare County)
    Billy Gibson (Clyde)
    Gavin McInerney (Bray Wanderers)
    Derek Foran (Bray Wanderers)*
    Kevin Cornwall (Shelbourne)
    Paul Murphy (Wexford Youths)

    Shamrock Rvs

    Stephen Rice (Bohemians)
    Darragh Maguire (St Patrick's Ath)
    Sean O'Connor (St Patrick's Ath)
    Darren Stapleton (Kildare County)
    Dessie Baker (Longford Town)
    Pat Flynn (Waterford Utd)
    Alan Murphy (Galway Utd)

    Dave O'Connor (Dundalk)
    Andy Myler (Bray Wanderers)
    Ian Ryan (Dundalk)
    Robbie Clarke (Waterford Utd)
    John McGuinness (Shelbourne)
    David Cassidy (Dundalk)
    Jamie Duffy (Dundalk)
    David McGill (Shelbourne)
    Derek Pender (Bray Wanderers)
    Alan Reynolds (Retired)
    Paul Shiels (Dundalk)
    Ciaran Kilduff (Kildare County)*
    Dean Lawrence (Shelbourne)*
    Ger Rowe (Bray Wanderers)

    Sligo Rvs

    Anto Murphy (St Patrick's Ath)
    Pat Jennings (Derry City)*
    Sean Doherty (Royal Antwerp)
    Chris Butler (Barrow)
    Alan Moore (Derry City)
    Romauld Boco (Accrington Stanley)
    Mauro Almeida (Swindon Town)
    Steve Feeney (Monaghan Utd)

    Adam Hughes (Drogheda Utd)
    Stephen Manson (Cowdenbeath)
    Tomislav Arcaba (Released)
    James Meredith (Shrewsbury Town)
    Mark Boyd (Barrow)
    Matthew Gordon (Released)
    Levi Tierney (Athlone Town)


    John Reilly (Longford Town)
    Lorcan Keeney (Hearts)

    Peter Hynes (End of Loan)
    Paul Murphy (End of Loan)
    Shane McFaul (Brighton)
    Conor Sammon (Derry City)
    Tony McDonnell (St Kevins Boys)
    Paul Crowley (Dundalk)
    Conan Byrne (Sporting Fingal)
    Darren Quigley (Derry City)
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    First Division

    Athlone Town

    Nigel Keady (Limerick 37)
    Anthony Hayes (Limerick 37)
    Philip Reilly (Galway Utd)
    Jason McCarthney (Monaghan Utd)
    Levi Tierney (Sligo Rovers)
    Padraig Moran (Limerick 37)

    Paul McTiernan (Released)
    Colm Heffernan (Released)
    Danny O'Leary (Waterford Utd)
    Damien Rushe (Longford Town)
    Luke Hardy (Longford Town)
    Ryan Casey (Longford Town)
    Ronan Frawley (Longford Town)
    Brian McCarthy (Bohemians)


    Robbie Farrell (Monaghan Utd)
    Aaron Shanahan (Kilkenny City)
    Ian Ryan (Shamrock Rovers)
    Paul Shiels (Shamrock Rovers)
    David Cassidy (Shamrock Rovers)
    Dave O'Connor (Shamrock Rovers)
    Jamie Duffy (Shamrock Rovers)
    Robbie Martin (Longford Town)
    Paul Crowley (UCD)

    Philly Hughes (Shelbourne)
    James Hand (Monaghan Utd)
    Stephen Quigley (Waterford Utd)
    Cormac McArdle (Released)
    Neil Gallagher (Longford Town)
    Thomas McGauley (Released)
    Vinny Perth (Longford Town)
    Keith Dunne (Shelbourne)
    Robbie Doyle (Sporting Fingal)
    Shaun Williams (End of Loan)
    Cathal O'Connor (Released)
    Robbie Dunne (Released)

    Kildare County

    Ciaran Kilduff (Shamrock Rovers)*
    Charlie Treacy (Drogheda Utd)
    Michael Comerford (Kilkenny City)
    Barry Slattery (St Patrick's Ath)
    Willie Tyrrell (Kilkenny City)
    John Brophy (Shelbourne)
    John Broderick (Bray Wanderers)*

    Darren Stapleton (Shamrock Rovers)
    Alan Byrne (Shelbourne)
    Steve McCrossan (Monaghan Utd)
    Ian Malone (Monaghan Utd)
    Darragh Hanaphy (Monaghan Utd)
    Philly Byrne (Sporting Fingal)
    Eoghan Carew (Released)
    Fiachra McArdle (Sporting Fingal)
    Dean Barrett (Longford Town)

    Limerick 37

    Willie Bruton (Cobh Ramblers)
    James Hayes (UL/Aishling)
    Chukwuma Manjor (Aishling Anacotty)
    Brendan Daly (UL/Aishling)
    Liam Barrett (Wembley Rovers)
    Evan Quinlivan (Wembley Rovers)
    Brian Cleary (Galway Utd)*
    Shane Tracy (Galway Utd)*
    Kevin Fitzpatrick (Free)
    Padraig Fogerty (St Michaels, Tipperary)
    Thomas Hughes (Kilkenny City)

    Kevin Waters (Waterford Utd)
    Nigel Keady (Athlone Town)
    Padraig Moran (Athlone Town)
    Anthony Hayes (Athlone Town)
    John Tierney (Cork City)
    Brian Buckley (Fairview Rangers)
    Peter White (Free)

    Longford Town

    Vinny Perth (Dundalk) Player/Assistant Manager
    Iarflaith Davoren (Galway Utd)
    Damien Rushe (Athlone Town)
    Neil Gallagher (Dundalk)
    Noel McAllister (Gillingham)
    Luke Hardy (Athlone Town)
    Ryan Casey (Athlone Town)
    Colin Murray (Crusaders)
    Ryan O'Donnell (Salthill Devon)
    John McNicholas (Kilkenny City)
    Shane Harte (Waterford Utd)
    Dean Barrett (Kildare County)
    Ronan Frawley (Athlone Town)
    David Maher (Dublin Bus)
    David Garry (Mullingar Athletic)
    Keith Kelch (Bray Wanderers)
    Brian Kelly (CYM)
    Gary Murphy (Free)
    Alan Lynch (Bohemians)
    Darren McKenna (Shelbourne)
    Michael McCarthy (?????)

    Kevin Doherty (Bray Wanderers)
    Damien Brennan (Shelbourne)
    Dessie Baker (Shamrock Rovers)
    Robbie Martin (Dundalk)
    Michael Dempsey (Out of Contract)
    Sean Prunty (Drogheda Utd)
    Ian Wexler (Out of Contract)
    Dave Mooney (Cork City)
    David Freeman (Shelbourne)
    Pat Sullivan (Cork City)
    Mark Rutherford (Shelbourne)
    John Reilly (UCD)
    Colm James (Sporting Fingal)
    Gary Deegan (Galway Utd)
    Sean Kelly (Out of Contract)
    Eoin Lynch (Out of Contract)

    Monaghan Utd

    Brendan Kennedy (Free)
    Phillip Sheppard (Cherry Orchard)
    James Hand (Dundalk)
    Robbie Collins (Free)
    Brian Gartland (Shelbourne)
    Steve McCrossan (Kildare County)
    Ian Malone (Kildare County)
    Darragh Hanaphy (Kildare County)
    Eoin Lannigan (Moyle Park College)
    Ciaran O'Reilly (Free)

    Alvin Rouse (Galway Utd)
    Cian Mackey (Armagh City)
    Robbie Farrell (Dundalk)
    Brian Gannon (Sporting Fingal)
    Tommy Toal (Armagh City)
    Ciaran Friel (Armagh City)
    Tadgh Murphy (Released)
    Steve Feeney (Sligo Rovers)
    Barry Burke (Released)
    Jason McCarthney (Athlone Town)


    Philly Hughes (Dundalk)
    Alan Byrne (Kildare County)
    Mark O'Brien (Bohemians)
    David McGill (Shamrock Rvs)
    James Keddy (Drogheda Utd)
    Keith Dunne (Dundalk)
    Robbie Hedderman (Waterford Utd)
    Dean Delaney (Waterford Utd)
    Damien Brennan (Longford Town)
    David Freeman (Longford Town)
    Alan Mulcahy (Waterford Utd)
    Dean Lawrence (Shamrock Rovers)*
    Mark Rutherford (Longford Town)
    Greg O'Halloran (Galway Utd)*
    Kevin Cornwall (St Patrick's Ath)
    Fred Davis Jr (?????)
    Max Cream (?????)
    John McGuinness (Shamrock Rovers)

    Noel Haverty (End of Loan)
    John Brophy (Kildare County)
    Wayne Byrne (Released)
    Aidan Collins (Sporting Fingal)
    Brian Gartland (Monaghan Utd)
    Jamie Gilbert (Released)
    Kieran Harte (UCD)
    James Hussey (Sporting Fingal)
    Glen Lacey (Released)
    Sean L'Estrange (Released)
    Aaron McEniff (Released)
    Darren McKenna (Longford Town)
    Tony O'Dowd (Released)
    Robbie O'Neill (Released)
    Niall O'Reilly (Released)
    Ciaran Quinn (Released)
    Alan Reilly (Released)
    Lee Roche (Released)
    Mark Rooney (Released)
    Ciaran Ryan (Released)
    Marc McCullough (Galway Utd)
    Conor Rafferty (End of Loan)
    Mark Leech (End of Loan)
    Stuart Malcolm (Finn Harps)
    Jim Crawford (Sporting Fingal)
    Joe O'Neill (Sporting Fingal)

    Sporting Fingal

    Steve Williams (Bray Wanderers)
    Paul Caffrey (Bray Wanderers)
    Chris Deans (Bray Wanderers)
    Philly Byrne (Kildare County)
    Stephen Caffrey (Free)
    Christy Doran (Free)
    Conan Byrne (UCD)
    Colm James (Longford Town)
    Brian Gannon (Monaghan Utd)
    Derek Tyrrell (Bray Wanderers)
    Aidan Collins (Shelbourne)
    Brian Kelly (Newry City)
    Karl Byrne (Free)
    Joe O'Neill (Shelbourne)
    Jim Crawford (Shelbourne)
    Fiachra McArdle (Kildare County)
    Robbie Doyle (Dundalk)
    Davy Sullivan (Free)
    Dinny Corcoran (Free)
    Peter Hynes (Derry City)
    James Hussey (Shelbourne)
    David Bracken (Glenavon)
    Joe Clancy (Free)


    Waterford Utd

    Stephen Quigley (Dundalk)
    Michael Foley (St Patricks Ath)
    Luke Fitzpatrick (St Patricks Ath)
    Kevin Waters (Limerick 37)
    Robbie Clarke (Shamrock Rovers)
    Danny O'Leary (Athlone Town)

    Ray Scully (Released)
    Robbie Hedderman (Shelbourne)
    Pat Flynn (Shamrock Rovers)
    Dean Delaney (Shelbourne)
    Alan Mulcahy (Shelbourne)
    Alan Kearney (Cobh Ramblers)
    Shane Harte (Longford Town)
    Anthony Fennelly (Cobh Ramblers)

    Wexford Youths

    Paul Murphy (St Patrick's Ath)
    Ricky Fox (Shamrock Rovers(Ennisworthy))

    Shane Dunphy (Released)
    Tom Eimes (Released)

    *indicates a loan deal
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