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Thread: Player ratings

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    Player ratings

    Was at the match yesterday and thought that city were unlucky to lose- maybe a draw would have been a better reflection of the match- city were on top for most of the first half and rovers were much better in the second half- they could have gotten a few more goals but give credit to the city defence they tried their best- esp murray and bennett- they seem to be growing into a good partnership!!!! Was amazed that dolan changed the back line when they were under some severe pressure- fair enough woods wasnt in the game but put on another mid-fielder not hoggy on the right wing!!!!!

    Devine- 7- made some very good saves and was quite solid through the game
    Hoggy - 6- I prefer to see him on the left but did well all the same- got caught a few times though
    Murray- 7 - same as always very solid- cant really complain
    Bennett- 8- Great game- made some decisive tackles and was good in the air- very unlucky not to stop the ball going in for the last goal
    Gareth - 6 - quite slow and dont think he should be keeping out carey
    Conor - 6- not one of his better games -did well in the first half - was a bit out of it in the second
    Greg - 8- worked his socks off and never gave up
    Woods- 5 - very poor not in the game at all- didnt really take on players
    Doyle- 7- Did really well - was very surprised to see him taken off for warren
    Flynny- 8- What can you say- he got his goal(however easy it may have been)- got blocked out by the rovers defence too often though
    Georgie- 7- Worked well with flynny but needed a bit more of that magic we are used to seeing this season

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    Were we watching the same match? Greg 8? He only tuched the ball about 3 times in the match!!! Our midfield was awful, absolutly awful. Greg was never in the game, Conor was more involved but his final pass and comunication was often lacking, Billy wasnt great and Doyle still has to put a cross into the box from the sideline, although he does link up very well with George around the edge of the box. Im not in favour of putting him there, but i think that Bennet should be moved temperarly into midfield in place of Conor and put Napier/Hedderman (who looked good I thought) in centre back. Our midfield has been lacking really badly in the 3 games Ive seen so far this year and we will struggle very badly if JO'F or George is ever injured (Ala the Pats match). Bring back Patsy!!! We need creativity in the centre.
    As I say, we're just young & a bit nieve.

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