Hi, Im the guy who did the customisation for Championship Manager 3 to allow you to have Cork City, Celtic, Eircom League (and a few more) graphics.

Championship Manager 4 has been released, its a great improvement on the gameplay (the eircom League has been vastly improved; the detail is great and as soon as an editor is released I'll be improving it even more- there is scope to include everything up to the under 18s teams!) and indeed in the customisation.

All the major leagues are well served for skins (the abilty to have little pictures such as cups, crowds etc) and club logos (a new addition for CM4 - each clubs logo (or jersey) can be shown). I'm hoping to create a little package to add these features to the Irish leagues.

I'd appreciate if someone could give me a nice graphic of your clubs' crest, a little jersey, some nice pics like those on www.citynet.cjb.net 's header... and when its finished the package will be available for download free of charge from my website and anywhere else who'll host it.

Please if you can help, email gavinzac@yahoo.com

Gav Golden