As you might have noticed, I've introduced banners on the site. I just want to point out that all the banners - there's only four at the moment - are internal or not-for-profit, so we're not "in it for the money". The four current banners are:

The Hunger Site, which you should click onto every now and then to donate food to people who really need it - it won't cost you anything but your time.

Ireland Offline, which is an organisation campaigning to promote unmetered and broadband internet access in Ireland, something I actively support., because Linux is cool and you should try it!

And of course our own humble banner, on the off-chance that some of you might be looking for web hosting or development services sometime.

If the banners really get on your wick, feel free to post in the Development forum about it - there's an active thread there already - but since they're not-for-profit, I'm hoping people will accept them and maybe click on them every now and then.

Suggestions for other banners are welcome, but please note we're not accepting ads for for-profit organisations at the moment. Maybe later if the site builds up and we need to start generating revenue to pay for our expenses.