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    I've set up an adserver on, and I want to introduce banners on this site, but I'd prefer to get bawled out of it before rather than after I do it. So here's why:

    At the moment, the ads point either to internal sites (, or external sites for free (,, The only people who will benefit will be ieWebs - and I have no problem with that - and some sites I'd like people to visit and support, who won't be paying us for the privilige.

    I'm posting this to find out if there's going to be backlash or if people will accept it. If a lot of people are going to complain, I'll postpone it for a while, but I'd prefer not to - we, and these other sites would benefit from the traffic, and I don't think it will harm anyone.

    As to commercial advertising, I can't say I won't introduce it sometime in future because if the site gets a large amount of traffic, I'll have to, but we're looking at another model for that. That's moot at the moment, so it's best ignored.

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    Gerry Desmond

    Re: Banners

    Originally posted by Vetinari

    I'm posting this to find out if there's going to be backlash or if people will accept it.
    Well, I for one will not accept it. I intend to backlash AND to bawl you out,sir....


    Dedli Decci Dali

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    Why can't we look at the ads wothout a username and password?

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