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Thread: URGENT, Help Needed getting Tix for Boca v River Plate.......

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    URGENT, Help Needed getting Tix for Boca v River Plate.......

    Hi folks,

    Desperately need to get hold of some tix for the Boca Juniors v River Plate game on 15th April at La Bombanera. Fortune has it that im in Buenos Airies when the game is on and there is no way I want to miss it.

    I´ve tried and which are both tourist type agents who deal with such games but they are both sold out.

    As a last resort I´ll try and get one on the day of the game but as I´ve got the mrs in tow I´d prefer to do it with the safety of an organised tour agent, Im led to believe if you´re a tourist you´ll be lucky to get out with your underpants on otherwise!!!

    Anyway, if anyone can suggest some other agents or has any work contacts or friends that can help I would be extremely grateful and would gladly try and return the favour.

    Please email or Private Message me if you can help as Im in Peru at the moment and have limited access to the internet (saves looking for this thread).

    Also if any Moderator wouldn´t mind bumping this a few times over the next week so that it doesn´t get lost straight away that would be much appreciated.

    Muchas Gracias, Junior

    PS , would you believe that I got to see both Ireland games live in the arse end of nowhere on the North coast of Peru. Pretty dire stuff to watch, but 2 good goals and 6 points with a few more youngsters on show, you´ve gotta take the positives eh?
    I thought you were off the drink Ronnie?

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    Have you tried the Boca website ?
    I think its

    Failing that tickets are only $6 or something so wave a wad at a tout and you'll get sorted.

    Let us know how you get on.

    I am planning a trip to La Bombonera in Sep/Oct.
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    Ring your hotel and aks them to get you tickets.


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