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Thread: Moving the goalposts!

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    Moving the goalposts!

    The Estonians have lodged a complaint with Uefa
    over the size of the goalposts! This is according
    to Read it , its laughable!
    Sounds like a major case of sour grapes.
    Well done on a great result last night.

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    Talking The complaints!

    Apparently the list of compliants went along the following lines:

    - Bus transporting them to the ground stopped at red lights i.e. no escort thru traffic (I didn't make that up )
    - They wouldn't walk down the lane to the back of the stand, had to drive the bus into the carpark (opposite the stand) so i presume they walked across the pitch.
    - Wanted the home dressing room as it was 'bigger'

    - Complained old goalposts were dangerous, bohs replaced with aluminium ones.
    - Goals were too low! Most likely caused by new turf in the goalmouth which I believe Bohs dugup or replaced.

    I'd be amazed if UEFA didn't agree with whatever their observer said & thats what hes there for. As that article reported he wasn't very impressed with the Estonians.

    BTW Bohs should act professionally & not resort to tit for tactics next week in Talinn.

    Bring back Rocketman!

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    Too late it seems. Nice ploy by Bohs playing GAA instead of soccer when the Estonian spies came round. Nice work lads, and hope ye beat the whining gits!

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