Hi there

Looking for a place to recruit.
I coach a team in Inter 2 of DWSL. Need a few new players this season.
Need players in every position really. Must have some experience and a fairly good level. We are a good team that won our division in 2005 but lost our way last year mainly because of committment. So on the last note players must be available for most of the summer 2 nights a week( wed and mon).

So if you are dusting of the boots and want to get back to a higher level why not stop off with us for a season and see what happens., been out of the game for a while same story.

Good social team also so if your new in Dublin or the country give me a shout.

We are well organised, ambitious team. I coach the team and have coached womens football here and the USA for over 9 years. We have an another coach joining this yea. She has just stoped playing due to injury.We have a mix between some very experienced players to some not so experienced.

Thats about it, hope I have sold us and if you interested drop me a line on bscest@eircom.net

Or PM me here.