Limerick near Hogan Park lease deal
Monday, 06 February 2006 9:39

Limerick FC chairman Danny Drew and team manager Noel O'Connor were this evening close to reaching agreement on a 21-year lease on Hogan Park.

They had talks with former club chairman Fr Joe Young, who holds the leasehold interest in the ground.

Mr Drew said he was very pleased that negotiations had reached an advanced stage.

He said: "I met with FAI President John Delaney and other officers last week and it was again pointed out that Limerick FC needed to obtain the lease at Hogan Park if we were to qualify for grants and licencing.

"Talks have been ongoing but I have reason to believe that all will be finalised by Tuesday morning."

Fr Joe Young, speaking on local radio station Radio Limerick One, said he had the interests of Limerick FC very much at heart and was anxious to co-operate with Mr Drew and Mr O'Connor.

"Let's move forward. We all want our soccer club to be successful," said Fr Young.