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Thread: Squad Numbers

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    May 2002
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    Squad Numbers

    Does anyone know when and where the squad numbers for each player will be announced? Is it on tue, fifa's official deadline

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    FIFA to announce squad lists on 24 May 2002

    As per the FIFA World Cupô regulations, Article 22, "the list of not more than 23 players (showing the full surname(s), every first name, nickname, name on the shirt, position, place and date of birth, passport number, club and country of the club) shall be submitted to the FIFA general secretariat, using the official form for this purpose, at least 10 (ten) clear days before the first match in the final competition".

    This deadline expires on Tuesday 21 May 2002.

    Also per the regulations, "each national association that qualifies for the final competition may enter 23 players (three of whom shall be goalkeepers) numbered from 1 to 23. The numbers on the back of the shirts shall correspond with the numbers indicated on the official players' list. The number 1 shall be worn by a goalkeeper."

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