The following is posted in the World Football forum aswel,


"I stumbled across an article in 442 magazine about a local french club, Web Football Club.

All the important desicions regarding line-up, formation, tactics, training and so on are made by members of its website "".

They have made steady progress through the regional leagues in their area following 3 successive promotions since the club's founding.

At this point it is definately worth mentioning that the site is written solely in french. I wouldnt expect much interest in the site in its current form, in this part of the world.

I myself have a little understanding of the language but i find myself strangely compelled by it all the same.

I have no intention of setting up such a venture, but im sure there is somebody that would find the idea of founding an english version an interesting project.

It would be interesting to see such a club enter the Leinster SL, or Division 2C West of the Galway and District League!

The club have very little financial resources, owing mostly to the fact that they charge no sign-up or subscribtion fee.

The club is at a very delicate stage, so they possiblly want to achieve a certain amount of publicity before they go down that road. A move to a subcribtion service would lose them a subtantial amount of members. The club would need to be strong enough to withstand that.

Does anybody think it would take off. Should we give Lally and Leeson the boot?

I would love for it to happen. Then I could take all the credit for starting the ball rolling..."