Rovers threatened with points deduction
29/09/2005 - 14:03:04

The eircom League has threatened Shamrock Rovers with a points deduction if their supporters misbehave again after hitting the club with a €1,000 fine.

Supporters were charged with misbehaviour during Rovers' clash with Shelbourne on September 9 and found guilty with the club being hit with a fine and the threat.

Rovers have already acted banning ten supporters from all games in a bid to rid the club of their bad reputation.

Meanwhile, Shelbourne were fined a total of €800 for the misdemeanors of a supporter during the Rovers' game and for a pitch invasion at the end of their clash with Waterford United.
Great to hear that Shamrock Rovers are being threatened like this. It should set down a marker. Same goes for our own supporters.