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Thread: Blue Is The Colour... (thought so anyway).

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    Question Blue Is The Colour... (thought so anyway).

    Now jus coz they have the name 'Bit Of Blue' dosen't mean they can slap their jerseys on us thinkin somehow that it's alike with the '2 blue colouration group' that's synomonus with Dublin & the City.. ... but desperate circumstances require blah, blah, yah etc. so even though it probably felt weird for the DC players puttin on an Athlone white away kit they weren't gonna just forefeit the match if it were, & go all the way home pointless or somethin daft of that nature.

    So for our troubles? We scored 2 crackin goals & waltzed home with 3 crucial points to come within 2 of Sligo Rovers in the table...
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