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  1. CollegeTillIDie said:

    Ucd Womens Team Uefa Womens Cup Stats

    UCD Womens Soccer Club.... UEFA Women's Cup Appearances

    Emma Merrigan 2; Rosie Power 3; Katie Liston 2; Nora Stapleton 3; Selina Moylan 3; Caroline Thorpe 3; Sylvia Gee 3; Sharon Horgan 1; Louise Kearney 3; Carmel Kissane 3; Kim Turner 1+1 sub; Nicola Lindsay 1+1 sub; Karina Kelly 1+1 sub; Niamh Spratt 1+1 sub; Marie Curtin 2; Jackie Shiels 1
    Goalscorers:- Carmel Kissane 1

    Niamh Spratt 3; Nora Stapleton 2; Caroline Thorpe 3; Sylvia Gee 3; Louise Kearney 2+1 sub; Carmel Kissane 3; Kim Turner 0+1 sub; Nicola Lindsay 3; Karina Kelly 2+1 sub; Niamh Connolly 2; Sinead Forde 3; Eileen Mc Cormack 1+1 sub; Sharon Cullen 2+1 sub; Mazarello Sweeney 1+2 sub; Mary Waldron 2+1 sub;Angela Callaghan 0+1 sub; Marie Gallagher 1;
    Goalscorers:- Carmel Kissane 2, Mazarello Sweeney 1

    Niamh Spratt 3; Nora Stapleton 3; Sylvia Gee 2; Sharon Horgan 2; Nicola Lindsay 0+2 sub; Karina Kelly 3;Niamh Connolly 3;Sinead Forde 3;
    Sharon Cullen 3;Mary Waldron 2;Anne-Marie Murphy 1+2 sub;Lorraine O'Sullivan 1+2 sub;Elaine Cohalan 2;Samantha Kenny 0+1 sub;
    Goalscorers: Elaine Cohalan 1, Mary Waldron 1, Opponents 1

    P W D L F A pts
    9 1 1 7 7 35 4
  2. CollegeTillIDie said:
    Ok just to complete this thread for this year.
    Here are a few notes about the UEFA Women's Cup.

    1/ It is the feminine equivalent of the Champions League

    2/ Teams get drawn into groups of 4. One of the teams hosts the group and the other three play each other once in the host venue.

    3/ Therefore you are guaranteed 3 games minimum per season.

    4/ Nations usually nominate their domestic League champions where a National one exists.

    5/ In the case of The Republic of Ireland there is no national League. IN this case the WFAI nominate who the team representing the country will be.

    6/ Since 2002 it has been the winners of the previous Year's W.F.A.I. Senior Cup.

    7/ Therefore UCD ( on 3-in-a-row at present) need to win the 2005 edition to play in the 2006/2007 Women's UEFA Cup

    8/ It doesn't begin till late September and the final will be the curtain raiser for the Carlsberg FAI Senior Cup Final in December .