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Thread: Olympics 2021

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    Olympics 2021

    A bit late for a thread but better late than...

    What I miss most in the coverage are the medal presentations. It's like watching the World Cup without the trophy being awarded. It would be far more interesting than the boring panel discussions on the nuances of the spring board diving or the failure of the Irish track athletes. They used to show them in years gone by or perhaps I am alone in this.

    Brilliant performance by Kellie Harrington and of course the other Irish medal winners. I caught a glimpse of her opponent in the final: she looks like one tough hombress.

    I enjoyed the women's 7 aside rugby and the badminton. Nice to see a Vietnamese representing Ireland and doing well. Track and field remain the primary sports though,

    Least favourite: dressage and skateboarding (showing my age here).
    Forget about the performance or entertainment. It's only the result that matters.

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    Both the Men's and Women's 400m hurdles finals were amazing, as was the men's 1500m final imho. Norway had a great Games - on top of a strong Winter Games. Men's triathlon, 400m hurdles and 1500m golds are all very prestigious. Amazing for a (very rich!) country not much bigger than ours.

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