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Thread: Drogs expanding

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    Drogs expanding

    Looks a great initiative greatly expanding the scope of the club and giving some serious scale in the town.

    From link

    Drogheda United FC, Drogheda Boys FC and Drogheda Girls FC are delighted to announce their intention to amalgamate in order to create a significant new community-based football club in Drogheda and its environs, under the Drogheda United brand.

    Built around the concept of “A Club for Life”, the intention is to develop up to 40 teams to cater for boys/girls/men/women of all levels throughout their playing lives and thereafter in a coaching or volunteering role.

    To support this, the intention is to build a new €2-3m training centre on Drogheda Boys’ existing land on Marley’s Lane in Drogheda, consisting of up to three pitches and a new clubhouse including a gym and community facilities.

    Jonathan Hill, Chief Executive of the FAI, commented: “On behalf of the Football Association of Ireland, I want to congratulate all involved with this project. The primary function of all football clubs is to serve their local communities so to see Drogheda United and Drogheda Boys & Girls unite and embark on this journey together to build a football club for everyone in their community is a huge positive for our game in the North East. I know first-hand how much great work is going on in Drogheda on and off the pitch and I can assure everyone involved that we will fully support this initiative and look forward to working closely with the football community in Drogheda in bringing this amalgamation to life.”

    Graham Campbell, Chairman of Drogheda Boys, said: “We will never lose the heritage of Drogheda Boys and Girls but we know that partnering with Drogheda United is the best thing for our players, coaches and volunteers. Together we will be stronger and will build something to protect football in Drogheda for future generations”.

    “This is a major development for the future of football in Drogheda. We have a lot of work to do to make this happen – we need the assistance of the Government, FAI and the local community to raise the monies required to build this training centre and a new stadium. But I’m confident that a newly expanded club can really drive this forward”, said Conor Hoey, Chairman of Drogheda United.

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    This is great to hear, really embedding the club in the wider local community, potentially broadening the active fanbase for DUFC senior teams. For the success at Dundalk FC there has been a distancing with the community the last few years rather than building on success in such a manner, maybe this could give a kick up the áras. Oh to see a comprehensive strategic plan come out of Oriel Park, like this, as you'd expect from a savvy American business wanting to develop their brand, even if it was a pipe dream in reality and basic stuff really tbh.

    But anyway on this Drogheda development , my one concern in the above statement is the development of up to 3 pitches on Marley Lane, if ye are talking about having up to 40 teams to cater for, its low pitch capacity to meet the demands of that potential number of teams. Drogheda (as in many towns) doesn't have much scale with sufficient existing pitch availability, no municipal bank of pitches of note iirc. Cooperation with schools, a few schoolboy grounds, eg ideally the general area of the community school, St Nicholas GFC, Drogheda Boys could be a great additions to capacity if planned out well with some cooperation but there's the GAA fly in the ointment - St Nics ground and pitch was awful so ye never know?!.

    A green area in Rathmullen Park had potential and there were some banks of lands near hand off the Donore Rd that could/would have possibilities for municipal playing fields though maybe built on now or zoned for housing - all mainly in the same area albeit moving in toward Co Meath (Move DUFC that far south of the Boyne and give 'em to Meath, LCC can focus on Dundalk and Meath get a senior LoI club, a win win ). I jest but not totally daft if ye can get 2 local authorities on board in a town that straddles the council boundaries with each helping toward facilitating playing amenities in the one town.
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    Great work going on in Drogheda at the minute and I'm starting to notice a greater interest amongst my mates who previously would have had none. A combination of factors including the ongoing work at the club, covid, the european super league and our general form have increased interest and it will be interesting to see once we're allowed full capacity how the town gets behind the club. I'd imagine with all clubs there will be an increase in attendances initially but its keeping these newcomers which will be the challenge. As always facilities need to be improved for any long term success to be achieved so it's great to see these plans in place.

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    I would be a big fan of this merger wheres this new ground of Drogs going to be I wonder? Is it going to be the same as before?
    Daire Doyles red and black army

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