Might as well get the ball running, lol. (see link below)

I know this is all pure guess work at the moment, but from the current standings it looks like Shamrock Rovers need a lot of luck to be seeded in the CL, but having said that some of the CL seeds look pretty weak (so far).

As for Dundalk, it looks like they will be seeded no probs for three rounds, and all going well the fourth one too in the new ECL conference, at the moment the ECL Conf looks harder than the Europa League with the likes of man city, man utd, Borrusia monch, in it, etc. I was a little shocked to see this is where Basel will be playing next season (if they manage to qualify!), oh how the mighty have fallen.
I do wonder what difference then the europa and the new conference will make if a top team from the big leagues win it, more of the same and still no hope for the small leagues to get to a final...........