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Thread: B Teams

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nesta99 View Post
    Nick Leeson leading each dance?
    Wheres NL Nesta now do you know? Ah the memories with him!
    Daire Doyles red and black army

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    I think mainly public speaking Martin, saw a piece a while back about the statute of limitations being up on compensation so he'd be able to keep his 'celebrity' Big Brother fee. But not in sport admin still afaik.

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    On the subject of 'B' teams in the second tier, the Belgian example is interesting. (Well about as interesting as anything Belgian gets ).

    Having previously expanded their PD to 18 teams, they had been hoping to reduce it again to 16, only the combination of the threat of legal action, and Covid, caused them to suspend this. This then had repercussions for their second tier, as follows:

    "The Pro League also failed to reach an agreement about the integration of reserve teams in the second division and amateur leagues. 'We are quite far in our discussion,' said François. 'But there is still a lack of clarity about the amateur league. If it cannot restart in February, we will probably have a blank season. And then there will be no places available for reserve teams.'

    At the moment, Club Brugge is the only club which is represented in the second division through a reserve team. ‘Club NXT’ however are bottom of the table with seven point from 14 matches, having won just a single match."

    More here:

    And more here on the Belgian pyramid generally:

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