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Thread: Evan Ferguson (F Brighton b.2004)

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    I complained last year that Parrott was stagnating because he was in 1st team squad but played zero games for underage teams so he had no football for months on end. Looking back now I dont know if that has hurt his development or hes just not a good as we hoped, or maybe its a bit of both.

    With Ferguson at 16 years old he just needs to play football and lets see where he ends up. A couple of years with the underage teams and maybe some preseason with the 1st team will do him world of good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seanfhear View Post
    I hope he doesnít get too much bigger. How many giants to you see playing top level football ? Donít we have a young centre back that is probably big enough already as well = = Not a problem we usually have. We usually have fellas that are a bit small.
    He's an early developer - unlikely he will grow much more. His dad was 6'2/6'3 so would expect he'll end up the same.

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