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Thread: Games Weekend 11th September Move Posts

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    Games Weekend 11th September Move Posts

    Quote Originally Posted by pineapple stu View Post
    Have you actually no valid argument to back up your point?

    I'm thinking maybe a discussion board isn't for you. You just seem to throw a hissy fit whenever someone disagrees with you.
    I just don't bother engaging with idiots.

    You end up repeating yourself non stop to people on here until they eventually give up. I've had that before with you so I'll let someone else entertain your ridiculous "arguments".

    I doubt you believe all you write on here though.

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    Why are my arguments ridiculous?

    Why are you incapable of making a single point to counter them?

    Why are you even on a discussion board if your view of "division" is "I'm not going to debate your ridiculous points you idiot"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Lilywhites View Post
    It's quite clear it's a joke of a league this year, even Rovers fans know that. It will be funny to watch Bradley celebrating like an idiot when it's over, as if he's actually achieved a real league title. They've won the league because of Covid, and wouldn't have won it over 36 games.

    They've just jumped into 1st by default because Cork and ourselves have imploded over the last couple of years. Rovers aren't actually much better than they were pre 2019.

    Still, it's extremely valuable to them because of Europe.

    The good thing from our point of view is it'll keep Bradley in a job for another couple of years, so it will be easy to get back on top if we can get our house back in order.
    I think id leave it here Stu....says it all really

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