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Thread: John Sheridan - Pub League

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    Quote Originally Posted by DCWA View Post
    Maybe we would be better reflecting on what JS did say.

    We essentially are a pub league in comparison to any of the EFL divisions and VP has taken over at arguably as good a LOI side there ever was and is essentially, a joker who wouldn’t get near an EFL club job.
    I've compared the standard of the national league in England before to the LOI as the national league has part time players. I don't think comparing the LOI to the EFL is a fair playing field. Its afaik totally full time, they get solidarity payments through the English football pyramid system. I was looking at figures this morning that L1 clubs receive 700 k , L2 470 that's a nice chunk on day one of a new season. Then after that you have population sizes to consider for example our old friend Roddy's stomping ground Carlisle United. The town of Carlisle has a population of 108K while Sligo has 20K and they are languishing at the bottom of L2 and have an average attendance of 4000 per game. Then on top of that you have cultural attitudes o football , other Sports to compete with in a small market. The two just aren't comparable in my book.

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    Essentially furthering my argument there. The LOI is a pub league if compared to even the lowest division of the EFL both in terms of infrastructure and standard. Sheridan is right.

    Crass, absolutely, but correct.

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    While its a derogatory term, non of the EFL or the NL are 'pub leagues' by standard, pay of facilties. Clubs differ of course and JS has had his fix on the lesser organised clubs. As a manager he has yet to pit himself against a club in Europe.

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