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Thread: Hype Over Nothing

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    Apr 2005
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    Hype Over Nothing

    Anyone else fed up with all the over excited nonsense that gets talked about on forums and then in turn in the media whenever there is a bit of handbag hooliganism at Eircom League matches.

    Last Saturday night was a typical example. A few punches thrown at a game involving a club from Belfast with a loyalist support and suddenly its riots in Drumcondra with both Ollie Byrne and the Shelbourne SC feeding the media frenzy with over hyped statements. WHY?

    Its the same with Rovers V Bohs and City v Rovers every year. All overexcited warriors on keyboards condeming each other, then their own supporters and then each other again.

    For a bit of perspective take a look at a report in the Examiners Arena section (2 weeks ago) of a Munster Final (Different sport I know but still) Cork V Tipp from 1951 or something about hooliganism at the game.

    Todays incidents in the EL are very minor by comparison even with incidents from several years ago involving fans of the league eg Limerick v Rovers, St. Pats v Waterford, City v Rovers etc. I am sure there are older fans on here who can recount real nasty incidents down throught the years that make the present incidents seem like a teddy bears picnic!

    I cannot understand the hype about it all and wonder what agendas have people really got. Including those on this forum.
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    Been virtually no serious incidents around eL grounds for years but they get too much coverage. Local media are obcesssed with UK football but rarely cover any hooligan incidents which do happen occasionally.

    A GAA player spent a night in jail at the weekend & got front page coverage on the Indo but no real interest by media. Would there be more if was eL player?

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