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Thread: Heading Ban

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    Heading Ban

    The idea of banning heading of the ball for underage players is gaining some steam on the back of a study into footballers and dementia:

    I remember first hearing that kids leagues in the US were banning headers or making players wear rugby-esque caps a few years ago and scoffing, but seems to be something in it regards head trauma. Kevin Doyle was interviewed recently and talked about spending hours as a teenager doing heading practise: it has to have some effect on a developing brain.

    Something for LOI underage/academy programmes to consider?
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    Are the balls now not as heavy as they were during the 60s and earlier? They also used to soak up the water and it was like heading concrete blocks.How boxers can survive without serious illness in later life is beyond me but many don't of course.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OwlsFan View Post
    Are the balls now not as heavy as they were during the 60s and earlier?They also used to soak up the water and it was like heading concrete blocks.
    Yes that's true, although I heard on the radio recently that is counteracted by how fast the newer balls travel, so the impact is still similar. I thought this sounded a bit loose though as most crosses, etc. wouldn't be struck with a lot of force.

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