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Thread: 3 tier league

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr_Parker View Post
    Stats can always be played with, but the population point was raised and I have provided an answer.
    Stats of course have to be used but as you allude to dont tell a full story. On average IL and LoI fare pretty well statistically on the proportion of populations that attend football in Europe, iirc The Faroes top the heap at about 4% of the population that attend games but of course 4% of 50k isnt going to generate too much of the revenue needed to be competative. Croatia is the closest comparison that an AIL benchmark could have and yet even as WC runners up, the Croat league averages less than 3k at games (take the big 2 out of that!!?). Population, number of clubs in the senior set-up, competition with other sports, tradition. cultural identity, politics, wealth/cost of living, corruption, credibility of a league and NGB et al have to be taken in to consideration with the cold figures. AIL or league restructures will make damn all difference unless what is brought with is additional revenue. More money should = better product and facilities then additional interest from public and tv companies and hopefully snowball. That's all stating the obvious but there is little that improve a league's or (via) clubs' stock than a good or even tragic story! A bottomless pit of money available for PR to a small league/club would never gain the attention than Dundalk's 2016 European campaign did (the whole Dundalk story seemed to resonate more than Rovers qualification to EL groups, i'll presume due to the 'rags to riches' aspect in this media age). Success breeds success and unless an Irish club gets to the group stages again sooner than later the bit of positive PR traction will be totally lost. Preferably Dundalk will top up the momentum gained in general interest next Summer

    It's a well worn tale but the criticism of the domestic product, especially that gets televised, is often disproportionate to the actual quality of the game - ridiculous comparisons with EPL/CL games get rolled out. We hear about a 'great advertisment for the league' all too often and I find it patronising especially from LoI pundits. That's the attitude that needs to change and I feel can only happen with the credibility that comes from European success and international players plying their trade domestically. An AIL would help to facilitate such circumstances but not be a silver bullit. If an AIL were to happen certain fixtures would attract crowds and media attention but after a few years the novelty would wear off and we'd be back at square one unless with an AIL or any restructuring comes the (often irrational) realisation of benchmarks by which the public judge the domestic game.
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    As usual Vinny Perth is fairly clear in articulating his views

    Dundalk FC head coach Vinny Perth has said that the new proposal of splitting the League of Ireland is “nonsense” and he believes if such a move goes ahead that it is “actually going to make it worse”.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ezeikial View Post
    As usual Vinny Perth is fairly clear in articulating his views
    Absolute pearler of a quote here and spot on imo:

    “Changing the structure of the league – this thing of splitting leagues and doing all this rubbish – it’s nonsense,” Perth said.
    “The best team wins the league over 36 games.
    “I’m probably waiting for Eddie Hobbs to jump out and sell me an apartment from Cape Verde or something. Have we not learned anything?"

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    Good Talla man is Vinny - straight to the point.

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