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Thread: Republic of Ireland V Switzerland- 5th September 2019 - Euro 2020 Qualifier

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    Quote Originally Posted by geysir View Post
    The key to stopping better teams is being compact in midfield
    Last night there was no need for a high press with a front man or two running around using up energy. Our high press left more space for the Swiss midfield to run into, oft times than not. A high line just inside their half on the edge of the circle, closing off options/space, with the front 2 players ready to ponce as the opposition try to play out from the back.

    I think Hogan was in an offside position when McClean sent in that cross, did the defection by a Swiss árse make him onside?
    I agree. The high press doesn't work when you have slow, immobile players and players who while quick enough aren't used to playing it. Hence all the gaps. But if Mick is committed to playing this way he needs to optimise the personel and give them a chance to learn how to do it. They can be compact higher up the pitch. But they can't if some guys press and some guys don't. Then you get gaps.

    It is challenging when good players ping their way out of pressure and then release the ball fast to a player with pace. That's also why fernandino fouls people tactically for man city to give his teammates time to get back. Liverpool on the other hand have 3 guys whose job it is to make sure gaps don't appear while the front 3 chase down the ball. Sadly we are neither city nor Liverpool.

    If Mick wants a high press he needs to staff the team with the right skills.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tommy_c12000 View Post
    Yes, he played some passes as you both point out. And I agree when he got the ball he generally kept things simple and completed the pass. But there’s a lot more expected from your defensive midfielder than putting a few passes together. If you watch the game again, and all recent games, and monitor Whelan closely it is clear his legs are gone and he’s not capable of doing the job he once did.

    Stopping advancing midfielders: on numerous occasions players skipped passed him like he wasn’t there. Watch Zakaria on a couple of occasions and Schar on on memorable occasion when whelan bought a “dummy” that he didn’t even attempt presenting a shooting opportunity. It was really concerning how easy it was. This was clearly evident vs Denmark as well.

    Tracking runners and closing space: His positioning was actually so bad today a number of times, and obviously he doesn’t have the pace to compensate, even less so than his “peak” days. He was a liability today.

    And the positive attribute to the game that he had today that people point to, he passed well. Yes every time he got on the ball he actually used it well, two dangerous miskicks apart. I only remember once or twice looking for the ball off the centre backs or goalie however. So if you want to focus on this aspect of his game as a defensive midfielder, he simply failed to demand the ball off the back line enough and be the link for advancing the ball. What little ball he received he actually did use well, and took a wonderful long range effort off the cross bar, but these achievements pale in comparison what is truly expected of a defensive midfielder at this level.

    As I’ve said before, he has the heart of a lion and gives 110%, but he is painfully below the standard required and is potentially destructive to our chances to qualify.

    For those commenting on how nice his passes were and what an actual good game he had, consider watching the game again and focus on whelan. Focus on the Swiss roaming forward with ease on a number of occasions. It is his primary role to stop this.

    An alternative? You’ve probably no option but to give Cullen a chance. Playing well for Charlton, nice player. But I don’t think he’s a long term solution. 5th loan spell from West Ham at 23 years of age. Likely not going to make it there. For me, Jayson Molumby has it. Work ethic, engine, passing, shooting. But another few months away from justifying a trial start. Just hoping Neil Harris stop giving his buddy Williams a start ahead of him and he gets a few championship starts underneath his belt.

    Don’t get me started on Mick’s fascination for Alan Judge and Scott Hogan. . .
    I am not saying for one second that Glen Whelan is a good midfielder, but Thursday night was one of his better performance s in a green shirt. I would have started Jack Byrne in his place

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    All goals, yellow and red cards tweeted in real time on twitter and facebook

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