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Thread: League Of Ireland Football: Explained By Prime Time

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    League Of Ireland Football: Explained By Prime Time

    Part of a recent Prime Time series on

    Some nice archival footage. Simplistic summation of course, but it is only five minutes. Not sure what I make of (partly) blaming the Troubles for the LOI's decline.
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    Thought it was ok - like you, I thought the Troubles reference was completely out of left field.

    Of course, the State broadcaster's apathy wasn't touched upon, but that's not surprising.

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    While the lifting of Rule 27 didnt see an upturn in attendances of note surely it was worth a mention as a general issue in the history of Irish sport!? It may be retrospective thinking that attending a game that wasnt of a particular organisation resulted in a ban (or a clatter from a teacher as is an all too common memory of older fans - my Dad has often spoken about one teacher who used to stand on the Carrick Road and watch who was on their way in to Oriel and on a Monday morning dished out 'punishment') is completely nuts thinking now! Also if you are going to mention the troubles in any context then Rule 21 is also relevant. LoI did itself no favours on many levels but bullyboy tactics of the GAA is relevant to the history of LoI and still happening. There is clause for the new county ground in Dundalk, partly funded by LCC and public money that GAA will have exclusive use of it and we dont have to think too far back to the attempts to hijack Tallaght Stadium from Rovers - how different things could be if SDCC had capitulated?

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