So it looks like we're gonna bite the bullet and bring the kids to Anfield for a match this season. Sourcing tickets is the problem- itís not like when I used to go 1-2 times a season 15-25 years ago when you'd ring them up and buy 2 tickets just like that.

Iím loathe to spend Ä400-500 per person on a day trip/one night stay (or £200+ per ticket on an online tout site) when I can do the same myself for roughly half the price if (and itís a big if) I can get my hands on tickets at or near cover price. Has anyone managed to self-serve when it comes to tickets in recent times? Anyone have any experience of the Liverpool membership scheme? In theory it'd be worth my signing up the 4 of us (at just over £100!) if it'd more or less guarantee us tickets for a less high profile league match. And they claim to have 10,000 per match set aside for members.