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Thread: Match programmes

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    There is nothing so damning as subtlety. Well done Colm.

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    While were on the subject of programmes here are a few recent Dundalk AWAY programmes I'm looking for if anyone can help, cheers

    18-May-18 Bohemians League
    03-Mar-17 Sligo Rovers League
    05-Aug-16 Galway United League
    01-Aug-14 Cork City League
    25-Oct-13 Bray Wanderers League
    9-Sep-11 Galway United League
    15-Oct-11 Sligo Rovers League
    13-Mar-09 Galway United League
    08-Aug-09 Sligo Rovers League
    18-Mar-05 Athlone Town League
    01-Aug-05 Sligo Rovers League
    19-Aug-05 Galway United League
    03-Jul-04 Kilkenny City League
    17-Jun-03 Kilkenny City League
    18-Jul-03 Athlone Town League
    30-Aug-03 Kildare County League
    14-Sep-03 Limerick League
    01-Nov-03 Kilkenny City League
    13-Dec-02 Athlone Town League
    21-Jan-03 Monaghan United League
    26-Jan-03 Kilkenny City League
    06-Jul-02 Monaghan United First Division Cup
    03-Aug-02 Galway United First Division Cup
    and loads more Dundalk aways from 2001 back, and loads of Dundalk homes from 1991 back!

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