Funny (well not really) seeing England doing to us what we sometime do to them i.e. raising their game and catching the so-called better team flat-footed. Rugby is one of those games where is you don't go at it hammer and tong, you can get caught on the back foot and not recover. Traditionally Irish rugby has done reasonably well when the team is considered the underdog and it raises its game and has lost out, especially in World Cups, when playing teams it should beat and don't raise the game to the required level (I remember an era when Ireland couldn't beat Scotland for love nor money). England arrived as underdogs, raised its game and had Ireland on the back foot for most of the game. Pity. I love seeing Eddie Jones' teams losing.

Tough tournament ahead. An improving Scotland next weekend. A massive French pack, Wales away.

I am not a huge rugby fan but I do like the six nations. Despite world cups, Heineken Cups etc. and being on every year, it still captures all the media attention because of tradition and national rivalries.