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Thread: Developing the forum

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    Developing the forum

    Just said I'd link in this thread in the Off Topic forum - there's probably a few here who don't venture too much outside the Ireland forum - about ways to improve the forum, or to encourage more people on to it, or to build more of a community feel to it.

    Suggestions welcome!

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    Pinning this so it doesn't get pushed on to the next page
    All goals, yellow and red cards tweeted in real time on twitter and facebook

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    Quote Originally Posted by tetsujin1979 View Post
    Pinning this so it doesn't get pushed on to the next page
    just for the sake of contributing, this is still 2006 technology, there may be a limit to what can be achieved. There are not many non forums left so the truth is apart from the regulars and the occasional lurkers/posters like myself getting new people in may be tricky. How many people under 30 visit the entire site I wonder?
    One Idea may be pre Ireland Match meet ups.
    Another idea maybe alerts of topics in other forums that are particularly busy. I have no motivation to go look in the UCD forum much as I'd love to but if I signed up for an alert and got a message if there were more than 5 posts on a topic in a day might be interested.. not sure how that works technically...

    if growing the forum is a goal then social media is the only way to bring in people these days. I ended up here via which was widely quoted in the media - the forum on which was something to be seen in its pomp. actually I ended up here via the ill fate website which was something different again. The overall online community now is much smaller (and older )

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