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Thread: Denmark vs Ireland in Aarhus 19th November 2018

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    Denmark vs Ireland in Aarhus 19th November 2018

    I'm probably not going to this but I was in Aarhus for a week last July/August doubling up a family holiday with an athletics meeting. I thought I'd just share my thoughts.

    - Big town rather than a city
    - Airport (Ryanair from Stansted) is miles out of town. Tiny airport.
    - There's a cheap bus service from the airport to town; a taxi is about EUR 80 equivalent. 45 min drive.
    - I stayed in Hotel Marselis, a mile or so out of town on the coast. Lovely sea views and a 20 min walk from the stadium through a nice park
    - The Marselis hotel rents bikes to guests; takes no time to cycle to town, a straight road beside the sea.
    - Stadium is only a ten minute walk from town centre
    - Lots of cultural stuff to do, viking museums, art galleries etc
    - The Moesegaard museum in the Marselis Forest is supposed to be very good but I didn't go
    - If you're staying for a few days, to kill time renting bikes and going through Marselis forest isn't a bad idea though it might be cold in November
    - There's a good marina area beside the main port with some cafes and restaurants
    - Super high-end restaurant scene but very expensive. Wife and I went to Gastrome. Nearly broke the bank but it was simply amazing. 2-3 other Michelin star restaurants
    - All the usual hotel chains are there, Radisson, IBIS etc
    - Good range of shops etc
    - Compact town centre
    - Beer and food is expensive
    - Everything is walking distance from everywhere else unless you're really lazy
    - If like me, you bring your running shoes on holidays and away trips, it's a brilliant spot for running. Really really good. I suspect I'd be in the minority here though, though Polster (if he still reads this site) might be interested to know that the World Cross Country Championships are there early in 2019, the route including running on the roof of the Moesegaard Museum!
    - Everyone speaks English
    - Liam Miller played there for a bit

    That's all I can remember!

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