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Pike are very poor. Very little to offer up front. A poor enough game. Michaels the better team but pike really should have won that shoot out

Taught Pike setled better and Borris was unlucky not to score. Saints came into the game after 15 minutes and played some good football especially for rest of 1st half. At times Pike could not get near them. Overall expected more from Pike and Grant and Borris never influenced the game. Saints looked fitter and sharper. Big talking point was the equaliser and think officials missed the foul on the keeper. Game then turned into a battle and Pike were more streetwise and upset Saints but still only looked dangerous from dead balls and corners. Taught referee could have been stronger. Taught Jason Mullins could have got the line and I think that's what managers were talking to referee about at the end of 90 minutes. Pike had three penalties to win in the shootout so Saints will be delighted to come away with victory. Pike are very resilient and even though they were outplayed in my opinion could have won in shootout.