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Thread: Ireland v Serbia, (5th Sept 2017, 19:45, Lansdowne Road, Dublin) Ticket Thread

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    Ireland v Serbia, (5th Sept 2017, 19:45, Lansdowne Road, Dublin) Ticket Thread

    Probably time to get this going:

    All ticket trading subject to the agreed rules here:

    1) A mod will open the new thread and sticky it one month before each game. Any threads opened prior to this will be deleted.
    2) Do not put name on list if you don't intend going to game.
    3) Post if you get sorted for tickets, or PM the moderator, as soon as possible.
    4) Reply to PM's if you receive them from other members.
    5) If you have spares, you should contact the person on top of the waiting list; if you need tickets, you should contact the person at the top of the spares list. If you have spares, don't post the fact and ask people to PM you. If you've time to post, you've time to PM the top person on the list. Otherwise, the list won't move.
    6) If you don't have PMs turned on, turn them on! Otherwise, there's no point posting on the thread and your name will be removed.
    7) If you say you have spare tickets and then don't deliver, we reserve the right to not include you on future lists.
    8) If you have your name on the list and do not remove it or accept the tickets offered then you may be blacklisted from future lists.
    9) If you have spares and you PM the person on top of the waiting list and they don't reply within 24 hours, you can PM the next person on the list (and so on).
    10) For home games, tickets can be allocated on a first-come-first served basis 48 hours before kick-off (i.e. the order of the list no longer applies); for away games, the time is 7 days beforehand.
    11) It's the individual poster's own obligation to sort themselves for tickets or to get rid of their own tickets. The mods will only try and keep the lists updated and sort out any messing. So if you fall foul of the deadlines noted above, for example, that's unfortunate.
    12) Maximum of 2 tickets per poster.
    13) Tickets can only be offered at face value, with an allowance for postage and packing.
    14) Tickets can be offered in the blocks as sold by the FAI (e.g. Brazil and Serbia together), but people on the list can refuse this offer without losing their place on the list.
    15) Invalid requests (e.g. for three tickets) will not be added to the list.

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