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Thread: Pats Match

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    Pats Match

    I really hope that all the crap going on behind the scenes at Bray gets sorted really soon, that was the worst performance all season. It looked like nobody cared about football from the bray players tonight, not one pass got to a bray player, Pats got to every ball first. Gary took his goal well but did nothing else, Greene wasn't seen in the second.

    If behind the scenes are not sorted quickly and the players play like that , bray won't finish in the top half never mind the top three.

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    Think thats a bit harsh to claim no one looked interested, a lot of our problems stemed from Pats knowing that anytime they attacked down our left they were in. How Harry persists in playing Jason Marks is beyond me. He brings nothing to the team. Anytime Alan Kehoe has played he looked a good solid player, what has he done to be left out. Karl Moore showed more desire in the 15 or so mins he was on the pith than Marks has all season.
    Boiled down to Pats having more hunger and desire, they were first to everything and pressed us, while our tactics seem to be to let teams have the ball untill they get near our box. A team like Pats thrive off time on the ball and we allowed it all night. Tactically Harry got it wrong last night. Think its time to go back to what made us hard to beat last year and concentrate on solidity over flair

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