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Thread: Boh's match

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    Boh's match

    WTF.. with a minute to half time you don't mess around the ball on the halfway line, although he should have made up for it with 1/2 goals in the second half but for good saves. Didn't play in the first half, gave bohs way to much time on the ball and made them look good.
    Connolly isn't playing well at the moment, (okay 1 shot in the first 10 minutes) he needs to start passing the ball sooner before he overplays and looses it.
    Bisto is finished and shouldn't be on the pitch, he can't win a header against the smallest player from bohs. We did create a few chances and we could have got a draw except for some good saves, but overall the performance wasn't good enough to stay in the top 4.
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