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Thread: Debate: Against Video Referees in Football

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    Debate: Against Video Referees in Football

    Please post in this thread if you think that Video Refs are unnecessary and will ruin the game in the long term.

    Please note the strict rules on this.
    • As you can see, there is another thread for the PRO option.
    • Please use this thread only for ANTI Video Ref opinion.
    • If you disagree with a post in the Pro Video Ref, please quote and rebut it here.
    • Any blatant winding up will be deleted immediately. No exceptions.
    • This will run for a weeks trial. If it works, we will try and run a weekly/monthly debate on other aspects of football. If it fails, well, at least we tried to spruce things up a bit.
    So away we go..............
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    I'm totally against it anyway. It has its plus points, rugby proves it can work, and you have to feel sorry for people in cases like the Mendes "goal" at Old Trafford. But for me the two main negatives outweigh the positives:
    1. Where do you stop? Ball crossing the line, penalties, offsides, red cards?
    2. Only the top leagues/teams get it. So in otherwords a goal in the Premiership/Serie A/Champions league is defined as being worth more than a goal in the eircom League/Intertoto Cup/U-11's 3rd division. i.e. Its not fair. The vast majority of those who play the game lose out already in terms of the rich getting richer, and having better facilities, this is yet another way of widening the gap.
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