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Thread: Read Before Posting Here

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    Read Before Posting Here

    In view of some problematic posts lately, I want to make a few things clear for ANYONE posting in this forum:
    1. Keep politics out of it. Ask legitimate questions, and express your opinion on football-related matters all you want, but politics has no place in this forum.
    2. Religion- as above.
    3. Labelling or stereotyping any group of fans/club based on their religious or political background, or the community/groups to which they belong won't be tolerated.

    Simple as this: For the first time in years, there is a competition which should benefit both leagues on this island, and all those who support those leagues. We are all aware that there are potential problems, and all aware that everything possible should be done to combat these difficulties in ALL our interests. That starts here. Anyone who doesn't agree with that can post elsewhere. I won't put up with any messing on this.


    p.s. Any questions- PM me, I don't want any threads debating this.
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