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Thread: Big clubs are going too far

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    Big clubs are going too far

    Seems Real Madrid and Man Utd are after this 9 year old kid from Brazil. I just think its wrong.

    Should there be an age limit placed on clubs such as the two mentioned. Im sure its this boys dream to play for the biggest clubs in the world but this is too much.

    What does everyone think?
    Who is this guy, Trapper Tony?

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    Theres a mail going around with the video of him playing alright got it about 10 times in the last week.. hes class gona be a great player. Look at the skill he has and hes bearly 10...
    Never heard anything about Man U and Real Madrid looking for him though...
    Wonder if he has Irish grandparents???

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    United have denied they're interested seemingly, but I'd imagine it's someone trying to make a few quid off him which isn't right at 9, his video promo has no doubt been sent to all the European clubs, why else would someone have one done such as the one that everyone's seen if not to try and sell him, like it or not clubs do take kids that young into their academies but I can't see them recruiting from another continent at that age
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