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Thread: Brexit - The End of the United Kingdom?

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    Theresa May is considering amending the Good Friday Agreement as part of a fresh attempt to unblock the Brexit logjam, The Daily Telegraph understands.

    The Prime Minister will on Monday update Parliament on her attempts to draw up a so-called "plan B" for Brexit following cross-party talks in Westminster - and discussions with other EU leaders.

    One of the proposals under consideration is rewriting the 1998 accord to assure Ireland that the UK is committed to no hard border on the island after the UK leaves the European Union in March.
    The rest is behind a paywall.

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    I mean, even if she could do that, and even if our government went along with it, wouldn't that require some manner of referendum here?

    Edit: Numerous government figures are flatly rejecting the idea of British/Irish talks separate to the EU. I was under the assumption we couldn't make agreements of such a kind separate to the EU anyway.
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