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Thread: Potentially eligible players thread

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    Potentially eligible players thread

    Quote Originally Posted by dahamsta View Post
    Before you reply to this thread, read the last paragraph of the post above. That doesn't just apply to the absolute langer you're defending. I spend a ridiculous amount of time dealing with fallout caused by that disruptive muppet, and I welcome the day he's gone. If you all love him so much, you're welcome to follow him when he goes. I have better things to do with my time.

    Get back on topic please.
    this must surely be a wind up. None of us have any idea who towk is. For all we know he is some 16 year old with mental health issues that's why name calling and bullying is unacceptable especially from someone in authority. Its a football site for god sake who cares what towk posts once it's not properly offensive like racist/homophobic / sexist etc. this nonsense of calling someone a troll just cause you don't agree with him and you decide you know the hidden intent of his posts is embarrassing. Put back up the posts in support of towk and please make sure my profile gets credited with the thanks I got for my original post !��

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    You've got no fans.

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