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Thread: Predictions??

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    Who do you think will be leaving the club in two weeks time?? and anybody been reported with a move to UCD??

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    Hmmm...Jumping the gun a little bit, but sure why not?!

    Not sure if many'll be leaving to be honest. If they were going to leave, they'd have left when we got relegated. That those who stayed on stayed on shows that they're happy at UCD. There also seems to be a little bit of recognition that UCD is quite a good place to play - there's a trend now for players to realise that you won't have it as good elsewhere in the league as at UCD (i.e. facilities wise, team spirit wise, etc.)

    Some of the reserves will leave I'd say, if only because of the 25 players we got in during the season. Pat Burke and Lloyd Colfer have already left - the likes of Tadhg Purcell and John Gaffney will probably go, if they haven't gone already.

    Who'll come in? Only thing I can say for sure is that we'll never have heard of them, so there's no point trying to guess that one. But then look back at some of the old threads here - back to when Willie Doyle signed, when Darren Quigley signed, when we were picking our best XI for this season... I'd say we'll pick up two players who'll make the bench at least from the start, add in some of the reserves to make more of an impact - Gannon, Byrne, etc. We cuold have a good squad next year.

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