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Thread: DDSL vs SFAI

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    Quote Originally Posted by Green View Post
    That probably is the case but when you are allowed to seed/break the rules....well look at the advantage you have then compared to the rest. It simply isn't democratic for want of a better word. You need to take in to account also the Cork teams pulled.
    My views on this fiasco are well established already in this thread. What occurred was a disgrace and reflects badly on the three parties involved - DDSL, FAI and SFAI.

    Nevertheless, If the DDSL had complied with the rules and had an open draw, it is still likely that DDSL teams would have dominated the competitions
    Quote Originally Posted by Green View Post
    With a new head of the SFAI coming in hopefully things will be different because the current guy's tenure has been filled with controversy and that is not good.
    Perhaps, but I would not have a great deal of hope or faith. The main problems lie elsewhere. Politics and self-interest have consistently won out over integrity and fair play in the administration of football in Ireland

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ezeikial View Post
    Maybe it is because each of the winning teams are the best in their respective age groups?
    Well, we'll never know that will we?

    Well done, the winners of the *National Cups.

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