Creating Our Football Future Together

Dec 04, 2013
THE NI Football League has launched its Vision "Creating Our Football Future Together" at an event in Belfast to all 42 member clubs, key stakeholders and guests. The Vision outlines projects and targets for the future development of the NI Football League.

The NI Football League also announced that UEFA are committed to assisting the NI Football League in converting its Vision into tangible results. In order to achieve this, UEFA, in partnership with the NI Football League, will undertake two comprehensive research projects focussing on the future structure of the leagues and competitions as well as the rebranding of the NI Football League. These projects will commence on Monday, 9 December 2013 with focus groups for all 42 member clubs. The focus groups will be facilitated by UEFA personnel.

In January 2014, the Project Steering Group will oversee further focus group meetings with the other stakeholders including the fans, sponsors and media/broadcasters. In conjunction with this, independent research will be conducted on behalf of the NI Football League, giving the general public the opportunity to articulate their opinions on the future of domestic football in Northern Ireland.


Please click here to download a copy of "Creating our Football Future Together".